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The Mark 6 mines were landed on the west of Scotland in order to avoid the German U-Boats.  After a journey by barges on the Caldonian Canal and some by trains eastward, they were assembled at the U.S. Navy's mine bases at Invergordon and Inverness.  Invergordon, Base #17, was the larger of the two bases.  Inverness, Base #18, was 25 miles distant across the water.   To assemble the mines, the mine cases and the anchor moved along small tracks on rails.  The various parts were assembled progressively to ensure proper assembly of the mine and the anchor.  The completed mines were then taken to the "ready for issue sheds" or were delivered to a minelayer.  The operating expenses for these two bases during the war was approximately 12,649,500 dollars. 

Image:  NH 123965:  Loading Basin for Base #18 on the Caledonian Canal, Inverness, Scotland, 1918.  U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command.