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U.S. Naval Air Station: Virginia: Hampton Roads

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U.S. Naval Air Station:  Hampton Roads, Virginia

Upon recommendation of the Chief of Naval Operations William S. Benson, USN, in February 1917 that eight aeronautic coastal stations be established, the Naval Air Station at Hampton Roads, Virginia was established as an air training station and patrol base to conduct experimental work in seaplane operations at the Naval Operation Base.    In January 1918, the Experimental and Test Department located at Pensacola, Florida transferred to Hampton Roads due to the remoteness of Pensacola's location to principal manufacturing and industrial areas.   The naval air station existed as a separate command until the Navy consolidated it with the Naval Station, Norfolk, Virginia in 1999. 

Image:  NH 113296:   U.S. Naval Air Station, Hampton Roads, Virginia, June 1919.  U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.