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USS Cyclops (1910-1918)

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USS Cyclops (1910-1918)

Built as a fuel ship by William Cramp and Sons, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1910, Cyclops supported U.S. Navy warships in the Atlantic and the Caribbean.   Commissioned on May 1, 1917, to support American Expedtionary Forces in France during World War I, she continued her coal and cargo carrying missions.  In early March 1918, while returning from a voyage to Brazil, Cyclops disappeared with all hands.  Numerous ships sailed to locate the collier as she was thought to have been sunk by a German submarine.  Her wreck has never been found, and the cause of her loss remains unknown.  

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Image:  19-N-13451:  USS Cyclops in the Hudson River, October 3, 1911.  Bureau of Ships Photographs, now located at the National Archives.