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USS Crosley (DE-226, later APD-87)

USS Crosley (DE-226, later APD-87)

Originally laid down as a Rudderlow-class destroyer escort, USS Crosley (DE-226) was converted at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Pennsylvania, to be the lead ship of the Crosley-class high-speed transports and received the hull number, APD-87.  Commissioned on October 22, 1944, she transited the Pacific and received training with underwater demolotion teams at Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii, and departed for the Okinawa Invasion in April 1945.  Following the invasion, Crosley escorted convoys between Okinawa and Ulithi.   In August 1945, she departed to carry troops for the occupation of Korea and assisted in the redeployment of troops until March 1946.   Returning to the United States, Crosley was decommissioned in November and placed in the reserves until sold in 1960 as a power hull to Ecuador. 

A model of the Rudderlow-class destroyer escort used to be on display at the In Harm's Way (Pacific Section) at the National Museum of the U.S. Navy, Bldg. 76, until 2022.    

Image:  NH 91585:  USS Crosley (APD-87), off Philadelphia Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 30, 1944.  NHHC Photograph Collection.