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Secured on September 16, 1950, the Inchon port would support the capture of Seoul at the end of the month and other strategic points.  Due to huge tidal range, muddy waters, and with the high-tides ending by the month's end, landing ships and craft were quickly brought in during high tide, or left beached until tides returned.  On September 17, to assist with logistic operations, Pier No.2, in the Inchon port area, was designated as "Yellow" Beach.   Consistency and ingenuity by Navy beach masters and Army port personnel was strategic to further success after landing.  Also assisting were U.S. Navy Seabees, along with Army engineers, who built causeways, pontoon docks, railways, virtually working nonstop to continue the initial thrust further into Korea. 

Image: 80-G-420481:  Inchon Landing, September 1950.   View of the transport area, looking southestward from over Inchon, with Sowolmi Do in the foreground.   NHHC Photograph Collection.