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Dive! Dive! Dive!  U.S. Navy Submarines

Bldg. 76. 

Dive! Dive! Dive! U.S. Navy Submarines

Dive!  Dive!  Dive!  U.S. Navy Submarines

Submarines have played an important role in U.S. defense policy for more than 200 years. They attack, perform rescue and recovery missions, collect scientific data, and gather intelligence for strategic nuclear deterrence.

In our simulated submarine combat center, visitors learn about the fundamentals of submarine technology through interactive displays. The submarine room also traces the development and history of American submarines.

Interesting artifacts in the submarine exhibit include:

Ship Models in the Dive! Dive! Dive! Submarines Exhibit Area

Click on a model below to review a photographic essay on the submarine.


USS Balao (SS-285, later AGSS-285).  Click on model for photographic essay.  

NMUSN: USS Lafayette (SSBN-616)

USS Lafayette (SSBN-616).  Click on model for photographic essay.   

NMUSN: Plunger Class

Plunger-class submarine.   Click on model for photographic essay.  


USS S-3 (SS-107).  Click on model for photographic essay.  

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