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NEDU: Rising to the Challenge

The Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) has safeguarded Navy divers and expanded their diving capabilities since 1927. Its official mission is to research, develop, test, and evaluate diving equipment and procedures, but more simply, its job is problem-solving: NEDU personnel use their expertise and experience to find solutions for the many challenges of working underwater. Learn how NEDU’s many accomplishments have extended the depth, duration, and safety of Navy diving.


The Thresher Legacy

The loss of USS Thresher (SSN-593) — America’s most advanced submarine — with all hands on April 10, 1963, shocked the Navy and the submarine community. Ultimately, the disaster drove the Navy to create new programs that improved submarine safety (the SUBSAFE Program) and expanded the Navy’s deep sea capabilities (the Deep Submergence Systems Project). This online version of our newest temporary exhibit examines how such a tragic loss could produce such profound and positive changes within the Navy.


The Skin They’re In: U.S. Navy Diving Suits

The undersea world can be cold, threatening, and dangerous. Navy divers work worldwide in conditions ranging from arctic ice to tropical waters. To keep themselves safe and comfortable, they use diving suits to get the protection their own skin does not provide. This online version of a past in-house exhibit examines why Navy divers need diving suits and how they use them.


Women Divers: Part of the Navy Team

Women joined the Navy diving community in 1975. Through determination, persistence, and a love of diving, these early pioneers proved themselves in a male-dominated world to become valued, respected members of the diving community. Learn about the challenges and achievements of some of the first female Navy divers in this online version of our popular past museum exhibit.

Published: Fri Nov 04 18:34:46 EDT 2016