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The U.S. Naval Undersea Museum offers a variety of public programs to engage visitors with the Navy’s rich undersea history.

Onsite Programming

All of our onsite programming is free to the public as an open or reserved program.

Summer STEAM

Don’t lose steam between one grade’s learning and the next! Join us at the museum for Summer STEAM days. We host Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics based activities and discovery. Each week explores a new topic!

Open Program: Wednesdays through the summer, 10:00 AM–2:00 PM

Science Saturdays

Join us in the fall, winter, and spring for Science Saturdays! On the first Saturday of each month, the museum will host a new hands-on activity for visitors.

Open Program: The first Saturday of each month, September-November, February-May, 10:00 AM-2:00 PM

STEM for Students

Do you have a school-aged group you would like to bring to the museum for a field trip? NUM education has STEM based programs to enrich their visit, and support curriculum standards. Contact our educator at (360) 396-5547 to reserve a program.

By Reservation


Offsite Programming

Showcasing STEM

Outreach is important to us! We have portable STEM activities for a variety of ages, and would love to work with you to support the community. If you are hosting a STEM event, and are looking for participants, contact our educator for more details at (360) 396-5547.


Annual Programs

Discover “E” Day

Learning about science has never been so fun! Held each year during National Engineers Week in February, Discover “E” Day is an opportunity for the whole family to get hands-on experience with engineering programs.

Open Program: The Last Saturday of February, 10:00 AM– 2:00 PM

Keyport Fest

Every fall, Keyport Fest is a wonderful opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of the community festival, and explore the museum! Along with exhibits and concerts, the museum hosts STEAM activities for families to try something cool, and learn something new.

Open Program: The Third Saturday of September, 10:00 AM– 2:00 PM


As one of the biggest events around, the U.S. Naval Undersea Museum can’t help but get involved! Along with open and free admission during all of Seafair, you may find programming onsite or pop-up booths around the sound during Seafair weekend. Check out our Facebook page for details.

Open Program




pdf A Game of Logic and Sequencing

pdf Acids and Bases

pdf Additive Manufacture

pdf Air Pressure – Build a Rotocopter

pdf Bridge Building

pdf Build a Compass

pdf Buoyancy and Penny Boats

pdf Catapults

pdf CD Hovercraft

pdf Chromatography

pdf Construction With Polyhedrons

pdf Creativity with Water Properties

pdf Cribbage

pdf Decoding Signal Flags Activity

pdf Diving Bell Experiment

pdf Electromagnetism

pdf Engineering Challenge: Launch a Plane

pdf Filtration in the Water Cycle

pdf Fluid Dynamics and Oobleck

pdf Fluid Dynamics and Viscosity

pdf Hydraulic Systems

pdf Morse Code

pdf Morse Code Matching

pdf Naked Egg Osmosis

pdf Ocean in a Bottle

pdf Paper Rockets

pdf Paper Plate Porthole

pdf Polymers and Making Slime

pdf Precipitation in the Water Cycle

pdf Reflecting Light and Periscopes

pdf Salinity Density Buoyancy

pdf Scavenger Hunt

pdf Sea Water to Fresh Water Desalination

pdf Semaphore

pdf Semaphore Decoding

pdf Slinky Sound Waves

pdf Simple Machines

pdf Sound Powered Phones

pdf Submarine Aircraft Carrier

pdf Submarines and Buoyancy

pdf Surface Tension

pdf Undersea Technology Wordsearch

pdf Word Search



Reservations and Requests

If you would like to schedule a program, please contact the museum educator at Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance and are subject to availability.


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