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Antarctica Collection

Explore the wonder of the Antarctic with our Antarctica collection that details Operation Deepfreeze, 1956-1967.

"Whether a microbiologist or geologist studying the many scientific offerings of the region, or a Seabee tractor driver or welder supporting the efforts of the researchers probing for data, one observation is shared by all - that of the spaciousness and grandeur of the Antarctic Continent. The sprawling Antarctic is five-and-a-half million square miles of ice and snow, which at places is nearly three miles thick. The 7,500 foot average elevation makes it the highest of all continents. The highest point is Vinson Massif, which towers nearly 17,000 feet in Western Antarctica. This giant freezer which holds 95% of the world 's ice is actually weighted down by that ice, and would rise a significant degree if the ice were removed. At the same time, if the ice were to completely melt, the oceans of the world would rise by about 200 feet."

-Antarctica New Look, Volume 1, Courtesty of United States Navy Seabee Museum Archives, Digital.