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L55-15.04.10 Poseidon Launcher

<p>L55-15.04.10 Poseidon Launcher</p>
Title: L55-15.04.10 Poseidon Launcher
Description: A busy crew perpares Poseidon launcher, loaded with test missile for floating to area of stationary launch pad. When in place, launcher is lowered, and cameras record the underwater firing. Despite the increase in size, the growth potential of the ballistic missile submarine launching system will enable the Navy to fit Poseidon into the same 16 missile tubes that now carry Polaris aboard nuclear-powered fleet ballistic missile submarines. Like Polaris A-3, the 34 foot, 30 ton Poseidon will be able to reach any spot on Earth from its submerged nuclear-powered nesting place.
Catalog #: L55-15.04.10
Copyright Owner: Naval History and Heritage Command
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