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L55-15.04.09 Poseidon Test Launch

<p>L55-15.04.09 Poseidon test launch</p>
Title: L55-15.04.09 Poseidon test launch
Description: Poseidon, the Navy's newest fleet ballistic missile, rises to apogee, is arrested and then held by a giant crane during underwater launch tests. POSEIDON, named after the god of the sea in Greek Mythology, is larger and mmore advanced than its predecessor - the POLARIS A-3 missile. It is six feet in diameter, as opposed to the four and one half foot Polaris. It is also three feet longer than the 31-foot A-3, and about twice the weight. Poseidon will have double the payload of hte Polaris A-3, and will be twice as accurate. Increased accuracy and flexibility will permit its use against a broader range of possible targets with added assurance of penetration of enemy defenses. Tests are being carried out, under the direction of the Navy's Special Project Office, at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center's San Clemente Island Range off the coast of Southern California to prove the compatibility of the launch system with the Poseidon Missile. 
Catalog #: L55-15.04.09
Copyright Owner: Naval History and Heritage Command
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