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Temporary Exhibits

Hitting Print: Navy on Board With 3D Printing

Welcome to the world of 3D printing! The U.S. Navy uses 3D printing to produce everything from tiny plastic clips to entire submarine hulls. Sailors print spare parts aboard ships, use 3D printing to test prototypes, and even manufacture custom drones. This exhibit features more than forty 3D-printed items on display. 3D printing might sound like science fiction, but it has the potential to reshape how we live, work, and play.

Check out the many applications for this new technology, and watch our 3D printer in action! 




Patrol Boats on Puget Sound: Rumrunners, the Aleutians, and Ships That Fly

“Patrol Boats on Puget Sound” explores the history of the small, fast patrol boats that have operated on Puget Sound for more than a century. They chased rumrunners during prohibition, were sent north to guard Alaska during World War II, and “flew” over the water on underwater wings in the 1960s. Patrol boats are essential in periods of both war and peace in the Puget Sound and worldwide, and innovative Puget Sound boatbuilders have developed a significant share of these speedy boats.







John H. Steen: Photographing the Puget Sound Navy Yard

Photographer John Harry Steen (1877-1969) joined the Navy in 1903 and arrived in Bremerton soon after. His photos tell the story of the Shipyard and local Sailors in the early twentieth century.

The exhibit is displayed in the Museum’s new Reverman Classroom. This space will allow the museum to expand educational programs for students and families, provide on-site speakers bureau talks, and host more military ceremonies for our local Navy personnel. We look forward to the opportunities this space provides!







Published: Mon Jul 12 13:32:57 EDT 2021