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Naval History and Heritage Command

Puget Sound Navy Museum

Lesson Plans & Activities

Scavenger Hunts



Pre-Visit Lessons

Museum Manners Activity

PSNM Vocabulary Crossword

USS John C. Stennis: More Than Just a Boat!

Post-Visit Lessons

PSNM Post-Visit Vocabulary Crossword

USS John C. Stennis: Summing Up Aircraft Carriers

USS John C. Stennis: Where In The World

PSNM Related Activities for Kids!

Build Your Own Submarine

Buoyant Boats

Can Water Flow Uphill?

Diving Bells

Escaping Water

Estuaries: When Fresh Water Meets Salt

Foil Boats


Jumping Washeroos

Knot Magic

Macrame Keychain

Periscope Up

Round and Round It Flows

Sail Away/Sail Away Masts & Sails

Sailors’ Valentines

Salt vs Fresh

Temporary Tattoos

Trading Places

Water Knot

Why So Tense?

Published: Thu Apr 06 16:32:36 EDT 2017