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Battle-Damaged A-1H Skyraider in Vietnam

Photo of battle-damage on A-1H Skyraider following a combat mission over Vietnam.
Caption: Photograph of battle damage on an A-1H Skyraider of Attack Squadron (VA) 176 after it returned to the carrier Intrepid (CVS 11) following a July 1966 combat mission over Vietnam reveals the ruggedness of the design that allowed many a pilot to return to safely to base. On one flight during the Korean War, Ensign John Higgins of VA-729 took a round in his canopy and returned to land on the carrier Antietam (CV 36), the landing signal officer giving him guidance over the radio due to the fact that the shattered canopy allowed for no forward visibility. Upon landing, the lucky aviator found a five-inch long piece of shrapnel lodged in the headrest of his seat.
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