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A-1H Skyraider on Display

Photo of the museum's A-1H Skyraider attack airplane on display
Caption: On February 20, 1968, Lieutenant (junior grade) Theodore D. Hill Jr., launched from the carrier Coral Sea (CVA 43) in the A-1H Skyraider displayed in the museum. During the 4.5 hour mission, the aircraft flew rescue combat air patrol covering a helicopter at the site of a downed F-4 Phantom II and supported troops at Khe Sahn. At 0736 Hill caught a wire back aboard the Coral Sea, the final attack mission for a Skyraider in the attack role for the U.S. Navy. It also marked the last of Bureau Number 135300’s 219 combat sorties, one of which had been an engagement with North Vietnamese MiG-17s on 10 June 1965, that resulted in one of the enemy jets being shot down, one of two MiGs splashed by propeller-driven Spads during the Vietnam War.
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