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Command Operations Reports

Although OPNAVINST 5750.12K requires an electronic copy be submitted to NHHC, due to technical issues, NHHC can no longer accept CORs via NIPR or SIPR email. Until further notice, all commands submitting unclassified, confidential, or secret reports shall submit CORs via commercial courier (FedEx or UPS) to:

Naval History and Heritage Command
Attention: Ships History (or) Aviation History (or) Operational Archives*
805 Kidder Breese Street, SE
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5060

*Ships History for all ships, Aviation History for all air/aviation commands, and Operational Archives for all other commands.

Commands submitting CORs containing top secret or SCI material should continue to follow OPNAVINST 5750.12K, Enclosure (1), section 7, parts c. through e. Remember to package and ship classified information in accordance with Secretary of the Navy Manual M-5510.36.

Do not ship CORs via the U.S. Postal Service.



Chief of Naval Operations instruction (OPNAVINST) 5750.12K requires all Navy commands to submit an annual Command Operations Report, formerly known as the Command History Report.

Read the Current NAVADMIN Here ...Read

This page contains links to the Command Operations form and past Command Operation Reports.

Note: The Archives email address listed in the following documents has changed to archivemail@navy.mil.

For questions concerning the completion or submission of reports contact the following NHHC offices:

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