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The Sullivan Brothers: List of USS Juneau survivors

Only ten who were on board Juneau when the light cruiser was torpedoed and destroyed on 13 November 1942 survived:

Seaman First Class Wyart Bertram Butterfield, USN
Seaman First Class Victor James Fitzgerald, USN
Seaman First Class Arthur Theodore Friend, USN
Machinist Mate Second Class Henry Jordan Gardner, USN
Signalman Second Class Joseph Patrick Francis Hartney, USN
Seaman Second Class Allen Clifton Heyn, USN
Seaman Second Class Frank Alfred Holmgren, USN
Chief Gunner's Mate George Imari Mantere, USN
Lieutenant Junior Grade Charles Wang, USNR
Signalman FIrst Class Lester Eugene Zook, USN

Four other crew members who transferred to USS San Francisco the morning of 13 November to assist with battle casualties also survived.

Pharmacist Mate First Class Orrel G. Cecil, USN
Pharmacist Mate Second Class Theodore D. Merchant, USN
Lieutenant Roger W. O'Neil, MC-V(G), USNR [senior surviving officer]
Pharmacist Mate First Class William T. Sims, USN

24 July 1998

Published: Tue Nov 07 07:57:54 EST 2017