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September 12
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1942 - The Brazilian Navy is placed under operational control of the US Navy.
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In the First Barbary War, the frigates USS Constellation and USS President capture two ships while attempting to enter the harbor during the blockade of Barbary ports, while the brig USS Argus, and USS Constellation later capture a third vessel attempting to enter.


Marines and Sailors from the frigate USS John Adams land at Nukulau, Fiji Islands to seek owed debt to Americans from the King of Fiji, Cakobau. Refusing, he appeals to the American Ambassador in Australia. After years of refusal, Fiji becomes a British possession in 1874 instead.


The Brazilian Navy is placed under operational control of the US Navy. The Navy is commanded by Vice Adm. Jonas H. Ingram as Commander, South Atlantic Force, Atlantic Fleet.


USS Growler (SS 215) torpedoes and sinks the Japanese destroyer Shikinami 240 miles south of Hong Kong, and escort vessel Hirado 250 miles east of Hainan Island.


USS Noa (APD 24) and USS Fullam (DD 474) collide off the Palau Islands. Despite this, USS Fullam, not only rescues all of USS Noa's men, but she also carries out daily shore bombardment and night harassing fire, as well as underwater demolition.


Gemini 11 is launched. Gemini 11's Commander is Charles Conrad Jr., Command Pilot. The mission lasts two days and 23 hours and includes 44 orbits at an altitude of 1368.9 km. An HS-3 helicopter from USS Guam (LPH 9) recovers the crew.


USS Key West (SSN 722) is commissioned at her homeport of Naval Station Norfolk, Va. Following the ceremony, the 35th Los Angeles-class attack submarine made a trip down to its name-sake city at Key West, Fla. The boat is the third US Navy vessel to be named after the nations southern-most city.