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Admiral William S. Benson, Chief of Naval Operations, to Vice Admiral William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters, second cable of the day

Action Copy.                                 File No.11-2-17.

Cablegram Received       <September 12, 1918.>  Y-5

Origin: Opnav Washington                Ser.No. 1370

Ref’d to       Date

   CS          13 Sept.

53 ADR.                       S E C R E T


1370. Your 43231 This matter will be considered by our planning Section and early decision arrived at. Department is strongly of opinion that a preliminary and most important feature of plan is early completion of North Sea mine barrage 09012 1370.


                                        4:05 AM Sept 13 1918.

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG45, Entry 517B. Handwritten date confirmed by time/date notation typed at end of cable.

Footnote 1: See: Sims to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, 23 February 1918. This cable discussed plans for a K-Tube sound barrage 35 miles north of the Dover-Calais line to prevent surprise raids on Dover barrage.

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