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Vice Admiral William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters, to Captain Joel R. Poinsett Pringle, Chief of Staff, Destroyer Flotillas

Subject Copy.                                File No. <25-9-5>

Cablegram Sent 11 May 1918.  ROC

To   Melvus, Queenstown.                Serial No. 1665

Prep. by  CS                  NCT1 D.R.

31 ADR             


1665. It is proposed to send the BALCH, DOWNES and PARKER to the Mediterranean to operate with the submarine chasers which will soon arrive there, basing on Corfu. In order that this may be done without reducing the available working force based on Queenstown, it is proposed that after the destroyers now undergoing overhaul at Liverpool return to the base for service no others shall be sent for general overhaul until the CASSIN, MACDOUGAL and STOCKTON have returned to the base ready for service. If this plan is adopted the three destroyers selected for Mediterranean service should proceed to Liverpool as soon as those now there leave, and should be put in first class condition for the Mediterranean service, including installation of K-tube tanks. It is understood this work has been done in the PARKER and that she would probably not need any additional overhaul before sailing. Consult with Admiral Bayly2 and report promptly whether any objection exists to the execution of this plan. It is to be noted that this plan would have the effect of postponing the overhaul of all vessels about one month. This is immaterial unless some of the vessels about due for overhaul are in urgent need of repairs. Information on the latter point is particularly desired. 03311 1665.


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B.

Footnote 1: Sims’ Chief of Staff, Capt. Nathan C. Twining.

Footnote 2: Adm. Sir Lewis Bayly, Commander, Southern Ireland.