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Marine Rundschau 1892

Volume 3
January to December 1892

Table of Content of Volume 1892 of the Naval Observer


A. Capital Essays  
    The Russian Fleet Maneuvers of the Year 1891 (With a Map) 1
    Breaking of the Crank Shaft of the Fast Steamer “Trave” (With two Drawings) 12
    About Barracks Ships (Barge?) 43, 89
    The Rigging of Warship Boats (With A Table) 49
    About the Durable Provisions and the Preserves in Ship’s Provisions etc. 97, 137, 185
    About the Transportation of Torpedo Boats (With a Drawing) 152
    The Artillery Training in the English Navy 203
    The Naval Facility on Dänholm 237, 279
    The Civil War in Chile 1891 (With Two Drawings) 243
         I. Rupture between the President Balmaceda and the Congress
     II. The Opposing Armed Forces at the beginning of the Struggle
                         a) Opposition
                         b) Government
     III. The Following Rebuke and Events
     IV. The Occupation of the North by the Opposition
     V. The Preparations for the Decision
     VI. The Comparison of the Respective Means of Struggle (weapons?)
     VII.The Embarkation at Caldera, Landing at Quinteros
    The Predicted Influence of Rapid Firing Guns on Naval Tactics and Ship Building (With a Drawing) 315
    Artillery Training on Board 349
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