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Wissoe II (S. P. 153)

(MB: t. 67 (gross); l. 83'6"; b. 16'6"; dr. 4'8" (aft); s. 10.5 k.; cpl. 11; a. 2 1-pdrs., 1 mg.)

Wissoe II (S. P. 153), a wooden-hulled motorboat constructed in 1916 at Morris Heights, N.Y., by the New York Yacht, Launch, & Engine Co., was acquired on 23 April 1917 from Mr. George L. Carnegie of Fernandina, Fla., and was commissioned on 30 April 1917. Assigned to the section patrol of the 6th Naval District, Wissoe II patrolled the southeastern coast of the United States, guarding against enemy submarines and protecting coastwise mercantile traffic from their depredations. She was decomissioned soon after the end of World War I and returned to her owner on 18 January 1918. Her name was struck from the Navy list concurrently with her return.

Published: Wed Feb 17 16:26:44 EST 2016