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Wasp IV (Sloop)


Any of numerous winged hymenopterus insects possessing smooth, slender bodies, and an abdomen attached by a narrow stalk. They have well developed wings, biting mouthparts, and often administer painful stings.


(Sioop-of-War: armament 2 12-pounders)

The fourth Wasp, a sloop chartered on Lake Champlain late in the summer of 1813, served as a tender for Commodore Thomas Macdonough's fleet during the latter part of 1813 and into 1814. Small and a poor sailer,  however, Wasp saw no combat. She was returned to her owners early in 1814; and her battery was transferred to the newly launched schooner Ticonderoga.

Published: Tue Aug 03 10:56:24 EDT 2021