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Wapakoneta II (YTB-766)

(YTB-766: dp. 356 (f.) ; l. 109'0"; b. 31'0"; dph. 14'0"; s. 12.0 k.; cpl. 12; cl. Natick)

The seat of Auglaize County, Ohio, a city founded in 1833 and named for the Shawnee Indian chief of the same name. The city is the hometown of Neil Armstrong, who, in July 1969, became the first man to walk on the surface of the Moon


The second Wapakoneta (YTB-766) was laid down on 1 August 1962 at Slidell, La., by the Southern Shipbuilding Corp.; launched on 11 June 1963; and delivered to the Navy on 25 July 1963.

Soon thereafter, Wapakoneta was placed in service in the 5th Naval District, Norfolk, Va. Since October1963, she has performed unglamorous, but vital, duties in those waters, providing tug and tow services, pilot assistance, and stand-by waterfront fire protection. As of 1 January 1979, she was still active at Norfolk.

Published: Mon Oct 26 09:16:41 EDT 2015