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A city on San Pablo Bay in western California which in turn was named for General Mariano G. Vallejo. Fleet ballistic missile submarine SSBN-658 also bears the name of this distinguished Californian. See Mariano G. Vallejo for his biography.


Vallejo (PF-97) was projected as a Tacoma-class frigate, but her construction was cancelled in December 1943.


Vallejo (CL-112) was projected as a Fargo-class light cruiser to be built at Camden, N.J., by the New York Shipbuilding Corp. under a 9 July 1942 authorization; but her construction was cancelled on 5 October 1944.


Vallejo (CL-146) was laid down as a Worcester-class light cruiser on 16 July 1945 at Camden, N.J., by the New York Shipbuilding Corp. However, her construction was cancelled on 8 December 1945; and her hulk was subsequently scrapped.

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