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Standard Arrow (Id. No. 1532)

(ID 1532: dp. 18,275; l. 485'3"; b. 62'7"; dr. 27'; s. 12k.; cpl. 86; a. 2 5")

Standard Arrow (Id. No. 1532) was built in 1916 by the New York Shipbuilding Co., Camden, N.J.; and was operated by the Standard Transportation Co., N.Y., as the tanker SS Standard Arrow. She was acquired by the Navy on a bareboat charter and commissioned on 22 August 1917.

At the beginning of the Naval Overseas Transportation Service (NOTS) on 9 January 1918, the tanker was assigned to that service for duty. At the time, she was en route from Devonport, England, to New York. She arrived there on 19 January and was refitted for Navy duty. She loaded a cargo of fuel oil and sailed for Devonport on 4 February. On the same day, she collided with the tanker, SS Norman Bridge, damaged her steering gear, and sprang a leak in her forward hold. She returned to port, discharged her cargo to Maumee, and was drydocked until the 25th.

Standard Arrow then replenished her cargo and sailed with a convoy for England, arriving at Portsmouth on 16 March 1918. Between that day and 17 December 1918, the tanker made five additional trips to Europe. Upon her arrival at New York in December, she was scheduled for demobilization.

Standard Arrow was decommissioned on 29 January 1919, returned to the Shipping Board, and subsequently returned to her original owner on 13 February 1919.

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