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Reign (AM-288)


A general word classification.

(AM-288: displacement 650; length 184'6"; beam 33'; draft 9'9"; speed 14.8 knots; complement 104; armament 1 3-inch, 8 40 millimeter; class Admirable)

Reign (AM-288) was laid down on 30 October 1943 at Alameda, Calif., by the General Engineering & Drydock Co.; launched on 29 May 1944; sponsored by Mrs. R. C. Little; and delivered to the Navy on 11 October 1946.

Never commissioned, Reign remained in the Pacific Reserve Fleet until stricken from the Navy list on 1 November 1959. During that time, despite her being in an inactive status, she was redesignated as a fleet minesweeper, MSF-288, on 7 February 1955.

23 September 2005

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