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Pontiac III (SP-2343)

(SP-2343: t. 112; l. 114-; b. 22-2-; dr. 4-6-; s. 8 k.)

An Ottawa Indian chief, Pontiac headed a general Indian uprising in 1763 known as Pontiac's War, remembered for the attack on the British at Detroit. He made peace in 1766 and remained friendly to the colonists until his death in 1769.


Pontiac (SP-2343), originally Pioneer, was built in 1883 at East Providence, R.I. and was rebuilt there in 1909. She was delivered to the Navy under charter at New York 4 March 1918 by the Pawtucket Steamboat Co., Pawtucket, R.I.

Pontiac could not be used as a minesweeper and was returned to her owner 5 June 1918.

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