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Paul Jones I (Sidewheel, Steam Gunboat)

(SwGbt: dp. 1,210; l. 216'10"; b. 35'4"; dr. 8'; dph. 11'6"; s. 10 k.; a. 1 100-pdr., 2 11", 2 50-pdrs., 2 24-pdrs.; cl. Paul Jones)

The following ships were named for John Paul Jones, see John Paul Jones for biography.


The first Paul Jones a sidewheel, double-ended, steam gunboat, was launched 30 January 1862 by J.J. Abrahams, Baltimore, Md., and commissioned 9 June 1862 at Baltimore, Comdr. Charles Steedman in command.

Joining the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, Paul Jones sailed down the coast to engage the fort at Jones Point, Ogeechee River, Ga., 29 July. Continuing south, she helped to silence the fort on St. John's Bluff, St. John's River, Fla., on 17 September, in company with Patroon and Cimarron.

While patrolling on blockade duty, she assisted in capturing schooner Major E. Willis 19 April 1863 off Charleston, S.C., and successfully took sloop Mary, loaded with cotton, off St. Simons Sound, Ga. on 8 July.

Paul Jones participated in attacks on Fort Wagner in Charleston Harbor, S.C. (18-24 July) and returned to New York for repairs until she rejoined her squadron 15 September. She continued her coastal operations until late August 1864 when she sailed to Boston and decommissioned 19 September. Paul Jones recommissioned at the Boston Navy Yard 1 April 1865 for further service in the East Gulf Blockading Squadron. On 31 March 1866 she was stationed at Mobile, Ala., and in July 1867 she returned to New York, decommissioned, and was sold on the 13th.

Published: Wed Aug 19 08:39:44 EDT 2015