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Parrot I (MSC-197)

(MSC-197: dp. 362; l. 144'3"; b. 27'2"; dr. 12'; s. 13.6 k.; Cpl. 39; a. 2 .50 cal. mg, 1 mortar; cl. Falcon)

Any of numerous widely distributed tropical birds that have a distinctive stout, curved, and hooked bill and are often crested and brightly variegated and make excellent mimics.


Parrot was laid down as AMS-197 on 23 December 1953 at Broward Marine Inc., Fort Fauderdale, Fla.; launched 27 November 1954; sponsored by Mrs. S. Heuer; reclassified MSC-197 on 7 February 1955; and commissioned 28 June 1955, Lt. (j.g.) R. K. Fontaine in command.

After fitting out and training, Parrot, along with four other minesweepers, participated in cold weather minesweeping exercises in the North Atlantic. Parrot then moved to Charleston, her base for exercises and training operations in the Caribbean and the Gulf Stream. She remained there until January 1958, when she sailed north to participate in her first NATO exercise. Upon completion, she returned to the Caribbean area where she remained into 1961, conducting training exercises and serving as training ship for the Mine Warfare School. In March 1961, she assisted in helping to evaluate the new helicopter method of minesweeping. After completion of this duty, she returned to her training and patrol duties.

On 22 October 1962, Parrot was ordered to get underway, with no destination being specified. She was later directed to assist in the Cuban Quarantine operation. After this duty, she returned to Charleston. Once again she resumed her training and patrolling duties. On 1 March 1963, she left Charleston with orders to search for the overdue SS Sulphur Queen. Finding nothing, Parrot returned to port on 18 March. Resuming patrol duties and training exercises, Parrot also made annual deployments to the Caribbean until August 1968. Decommissioned and placed in service 26 September 1968, Parrot became a Naval Reserve Training Ship at Atlantic City where she continues into 1970.

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