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(CVE-46: dp. 7,800; l. 495-8-; b. 69-6-; ew. 111-6-; dr. 26-; s. 18k.; cpl. 890; a. 2 5-, 20 40mm., 24 ac.; cl. Prince William)

A city, river and bay in Connecticut.

Niantic, originally designated AVG-46, was redesignated ACV-46, 20 August 1942; laid down by the Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Co., Tacoma, Wash., 5 January 1943; launched 2 June 1943; sponsored by Mrs. Ray V. Blanco; redesignated CVE-46, 15 July 1943; transferred to the United Kingdom, 8 November 1943; and commissioned in the Royal Navy as Rance.

As one of the 38 converted C3 escort carriers transferred to the United Kingdom, Rance joined the merchant aircraft carriers guarding the Atlantic convoy routes. Assigned to the Western Approaches, her aircraft helped to turn the tables on foraging U-boats in the north Atlantic and also assisted in operations to close their northern transit into the Atlantic and track them down in the Bay of Biscay. Serving with Training Squadron, Western Approaches, at the end of 1945, she was returned to U.S. custody at Norfolk, Va., 21 November 1946. Declared not essential to the defense of the U.S., she was struck from the Navy List, 22 January 1947, and sold, 9 June 1947, to the Waterman Steamship Corp., Mobile, Ala.


(YTB-781: dp. 283 (1.); l. 109-; b. 31-; dr. 14-; s. 12k.; cpl. 12; cl. Natick)

Niantic (YTB-781) was laid down 10 December 1964 by the Marinette Marine Corp., Marinette, Wise.; launched, without ceremony, 7 September 1965; and placed in service in the 14th Naval District in June 1966. Assigned to the 14th Naval District, headquartered at Pearl Harbor, large harbor tug Niantic has performed the seemingly mundane, but very necessary duties of her type in the crowded waters of Hawaii into 1970.

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