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New Hampshire (BB-70)

New Hampshire, the ninth of the original thirteen colonies to enter the Union, ratified the Constitution on 21 June 1788.

(BB-70: displacement 60,500; length 925'; beam 121'2"; draft 36'1"; speed 28 knots; complement 2,355; armament 12 16-inch, 20 five-inch, 32 40 millimeter, and additional 20 millimeter and machine guns, aircraft 3 Vought OS2U Kingfishers/Curtis SC Seahawks; class Montana)

The name New Hampshire was assigned to BB-70, projected as the fourth Montana (BB-67)-class battleship, on 9 September 1940, but her construction (slated to be carried out at the New York Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N.Y., and scheduled for completion on 1 May 1946) was suspended on 20 May 1942, then canceled altogether on 21 July 1943, prior to her keel being laid down.

Mark L. Evans

17 June 2015

Published: Thu Aug 13 07:36:42 EDT 2015