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(NOTS: dp. 6,659; l. 407'7"; b. 53'7"; dr. 281; s. 14.85 k.; cpl. 40; a. 2 4")

A former name retained.

Montanan was built as a cargo ship by the Maryland Steel Co., Sparrows Point, Md., for the American‑Hawaiian Steamship Co., for service through the Panama Canal. She was launched in 1913 and operated out of New York.

She was requisitioned by the USSB through the Emergency Fleet Corp. in October 1917 and commissioned to NOTS on the Army account. Soon afterwards she was assigned to the Army Quartermaster Department.

While enroute France in a 15‑ship convoy 15 August 1918 Montanan was struck by a torpedo. She settled rapidly and orders were given to abandon her. Five lives were lost, three members of the civilian crew and two of the naval armed guard. Patrol craft Noma picked up survivors.

Montanan remained afloat throughout the night of 15 August, so that the Captain and several officers were able to board her briefly the next morning. She sank off the coast of Portugal 16 August and Noma carried the survivors to France.