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Mission Buenaventura
(AO‑111: dp. 21,880; l. 524'; b. 68'; d. 30'; s. 16.5 k.; cpl. 52; a. none; cl. Mission Buenaventura; T. T2‑SE‑A2)

A merchant name retained. A Franciscan mission in colonial California founded in 1782.


Mission Buenaventura was laid down 29 March 1944 under a Maritime Commission contract by Marine Ship Corp., Sausalito, Calif.; launched 28 May 1944; sponsored by Mrs. Fred W. Boole; and delivered 28 June 1944.

Chartered to Deconhill Shipping Co., for operations, she spent the remainder of the war supporting our victorious forces in the Pacific. She was returned to the Maritime Commission in March 1946 and on 30 March was laid up in the Maritime Commission Reserve Fleet at Mobile, Ala.

Acquired by the Navy on 18 November 1947, she was activated and transferred to the Naval Transportation Service for service as Mission Buenaventura (AO‑111). When the Naval Transportation Service was absorbed by the new Military Sea Transportation Service, she continued her duties as USNS Mission Buenaventura (T‑AO‑111). She continued her worldwide service until 4 April 1960, when she was transferred to the Maritime Commission for layup at Mobile, Ala.

Reacquired by the Navy on 10 November 1961, she was transferred to MSTS control on the same date and chartered to Mathiasen's Tanker Industries Inc., for operations. Into 1969, she still serves with MSTS, carrying fuel to our forces overseas.

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