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Mars II (AR-16)

(AR-16: dp. 16,900 (lim.); l. 492'; b. 69'6"; dr. 27'6"; (lim.); s. 16.5 k.; cpl. 921; a. 2 5", 8 40mm.; cl. Amphion)

In the Roman religion, the god of war. Mars was the father of Romulus, the founder of Rome; next to Jupiter, he enjoyed the highest position in the hierarchy of the gods. March, the third month of the Julian Calendar introduced in 46 B.C., and Mars, the fourth planet in our solar system, conspicuous for the redness of its light; were named for him. The first Mars (AC‑6) was named for the mythological god the second Afars (AFS‑1) for the borough in Butler County in western Pennsylvania named for the planet.

Mars was one of the names assigned to five galleys to be built at Charleston, S.C., in 1798 when the impending trouble with France redirected attention to the need for a strong Navy. These galleys were to operate in coastal defense with privateer crews commanded by naval officers. The records indicate that Mars was renamed Charleston, (q.v.) while under construction as one of the three galleys actually completed, the other two being Beaufort and Protector.


Mars (AR-16), was laid down by Tampa Shipbuilding Co., Tampa, Fla., 16 May 1945; but construction of the repair ship was canceled 12 August 1945 before launching.

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