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Marlin II (SST-2)

(SST‑2: dp. 303 (surf.), 347 (subm.); l. 131'3"; b. 13'7"; dr. 12'2" (mean); s. 10 k. (surf.), 10.5 k. (subm.) cpl. 14; a. 2 tt.; cl. T‑1)

Any of several small oceanic sport fishes of the genus Markaira related to sailfishes and spearfishes.


Marlin (SST‑2) was laid down by Electric Boat Division, General Dynamics Corp., Groton, Conn., 1 May 1952; launched 14 October 1953; sponsored by Mrs. William R. DeLoach; and commissioned as T‑2 on 20 November 1953, Lt. Edward Holt in command.

After shakedown in the Massachusetts Bay area, T‑2, one of the smallest operational submarines ever built for the Navy, got underway from New London, Conn., in late January 1954 for her home port of Key West, Fla. Assigned to Submarine Squadron 12, Submarine Force, Atlantic Fleet, she immediately began operations in the sector from southern Florida to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. For a decade and a half she has performed valuable service as a target and training ship and has helped to evaluate submarine and antisubmarine equipment and tactics.

In addition to target and training duty for the Fleet Sonar School at Key West, the submarine has participated in various fleet operations. In 1955, from 7 March to 4 April, T‑2 joined her sister ship, T‑1 (now Mackerel), Amberjack (SS‑522), Batfish (SS‑310), and Chivo (SS-341), along with a task force under Commander, Mine Force, in participating in mine warfare maneuvers. Renamed Marlin 15May 1956, the submarine deployed to Guantanamo Bay for services to the Fleet Training Group in January 1956, July and August 1958, March 1960, and December 1961. In March 1963 Martin participated in the NSIA demonstration.

From 1963 she has performed mainly target duty for both surface and air antisubmarine units out of Key West. Into 1969 Marlin continues to play her important role in keeping the Navy constantly ready to be first in action and first in peacekeeping.

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