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Manitowoc II (LST-1180)

(LST‑1180: displacement 8,342 tons; length 522 feet; beam 69 feet; draft 23 feet; speed 20 knots; complement 231; armament 4 3-inch guns; class Newport)

A city and county in eastern Wisconsin, located on the shore of Lake Michigan.


The second Manitowoc (LST‑1180) was laid down as LST‑1180 by Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pa., 27 February 1967; named Manitowoc 21 March 1967; launched 4 January 1969; sponsored by Mrs. Gaylord Nelson; and commissioned 24 January 1970.

Manitowoc conducted two deployments off Vietnam during 1971 and 1972. She later carried troops to Lebanon during the intervention there in 1982 and withdrew them the next year. The tank landing ship then participated in the Grenada operations during October and November 1983. The LST also particpated in the Persian Gulf War before decommissioning on 30 June 1993. The ship was then transferred to Taiwan through the Security Assistance Program on 29 September 2000.

11 February 2004

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