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Majestic II (SP‑3061)

(SP‑3061: t. 717; l. 201'10"; b. 30'; dr. 10'3"; s. 12 k., cpl. 27)

Regal, stately, or grand. Both ships retained former names.


The second Majestic (SP‑3061), a steel‑hulled, paddlewheel steamer, was built in 1903 at Elizabethport, N.J., as Happy Day; chartered by the Navy 30 August 1918 from Potomac & Chesapeake Steamboat OD.; and commissioned the same day.

Assigned to the 5th Naval District, she patrolled the Potomac and carried passengers to nearby points. After World War I ended, Majestic was returned to her owner 24 March 1919. She continued in merchant service until abandoned in 1928.

Published: Wed Aug 05 12:19:37 EDT 2015