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Magpie III

Any of numerous birds, especially of the genus Pica, related to the crow, but having a long graduated tail and black and white plumage, who are known for their noisy chatter.


LSIL‑994 (q.v.) was reclassified AMC (U)‑29 and named Magpie 7 March 1952. Assigned to the 15th Naval District, Magpie served off the Panama Canal Zone until she decommissioned in January 1954 and entered the Atlantic Reserve Fleet at Green Cove Springs, Fla. Reclassified MHC‑29 on 1 February 1955, Magpie was struck from the Navy list 1 January 1961 after being sold to Rudolph Mattson 18 May 1960.

Published: Wed Aug 05 10:02:44 EDT 2015