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(CVE-43: dp. 7,800; l. 495'8"; b. 69'6"; ew. Ill'6"; dr. 26'; s. 18 k.; cpl. 890; a. 2 5", 20 40mm.; cl. Bogus)

A bay on the southwestern coast of Long Island, N.Y.

Jamaica (CVE-43), originally ACV-43, was launched under Maritime Commission contract by Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corp. (later Todd-Pacific), Tacoma, Wash., 21 April 1943; sponsored by Mrs. C. T. Simard; reclassified CVE-43 on 15 July 1943; acquired by the Navy, and transferred to Great Britain under lend-lease 27 September 1943.

One of a large group of escort carriers transferred to the Royal Navy for antisubmarine work in the Atlantic, Jamaica was renamed Shah. She took an active part in the war, heading the hunter-killer group which sank U-198 in the Indian Ocean 12 August 1944, and taking part in the Burma campaign in 1945. She was returned to the United States 6 December 1945, and sold 20 June 1947.

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