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High Point

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Caption: USS High Point (PCH-1). Notice space between bottom of her hull and surface of the water.

(PCH-1: dp. 110; l. 115'; b. 32'; dr. about 17' with foils down ; s. over 30 k.; cl. High Point)

A city in central North Carolina.

High Point (PCH-1), an hydrofoil patrol craft, was launched 17 August 1962 by J. M. Martinac Shipbuilding Corp., Tacoma, Wash., in conjunction with Boeing Co., Seattle; sponsored by Mrs. William H. Allen; and placed in service 15 August 1963, Lt. H. G. Billerbeck in charge.

High Point is the first of a series of hydrofoil craft designed to evaluate the performance of this kind of propulsion in the modern Navy. She has three submerged foils containing propulsion nacelles and propellers, and is also capable of riding on her hull like a more conventional ship. On her foils, High Point is capable of very high-speed operation, and can add mobility and flexibility to America's antisubmarine forces. The craft carried out tests in Puget Sound during 1963 through 1967.

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