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Henry R. Mallory (ID-1280)


(ID-1280: displacement 10,910; length 440'2"; beam 54'6"; draft 24'; speed 15 knots; armament 4 5-inch)

A former name retained.

Henry R. Mallory, a troop transport, was built by Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Newport News, Va., in 1916, and operated by Mallory Lines before being acquired by the Navy 13 April 1918. She commissioned 17 April 1918.

The transport was used to carry members of the American Expeditionary Force to Europe through the submarine-infested waters, carrying up to 2.200 troops per passage. After the war, she was transferred to the War Department, 23 October 1919, and later acquired by Agwilines, Inc. After many years of passenger service, she was used as a troopship by the War Shipping Administration in World War II. At 0659 on 7 February 1943, a torpedo launched by the German submarine U-402 struck Henry R. Mallory as she steamed approximately 600 nautical miles off the coast of Iceland. Hit in her No. 3 hold, the ship quickly settled by the stern and sank at approximately 0730. Approximately four hours later, the Coast Guard cutters Bibb and Ingham plucked 227 sailors and passangers out of the freezing ocean. Sadly, the ship's master, 48 crewmen, 15 armed guards and 208 passangers perished. 

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