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Hector II (AC-7)

(AC-7: dp. 11,230: l. 403'; b. 53'; dr. 24'8" ; s. 12 k.; cpl. 82)

In the Iliad, one of Priam's 50 sons. Husband of Andromache, Hector was bravest of the Trojans. He slew Patrocles and was in turn slain by Achilles.


Hector (AC-7) was launched 3 July 1909 by the Maryland Steel Co., Sparrows Point, Md.; and commissioned 22 October 1909. She was on special service with the Atlantic Fleet from commissioning through 1913, when she was stationed at Norfolk. From there Hector served as a fuel ship, ferrying freight and fuel up the East Coast and down to the Caribbean, especially Guantanamo and Santo Domingo. Hector was wrecked off the Atlantic coast 14 July 1916 and sank 3 days later.

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