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Glacier II (ACV-33)

(ACV-33: dp, 7800; l. 495'8"; b. 69'6"; ew. 111'6"; s. 18 k.; cpl. 890; a. 2 5" ; cl. Prince William)

A field or body of ice formed in a region where snowfall exceeds melting; it moves slowly down a mountainside or valley. The second and fourth Glacier were named for Glacier Bay, Alaska; the third Glacier for Glacier County, Montana.


The second Glacier was originally designated AVG-33, and changed to AVC-33 on 20 August 1942. She was built by the Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Co. (later Todd-Pacific Shipbuilding) of Tacoma, Wash., under Maritime Commission Contract. Glacier was launched 7 September 1942, sponsored by Mrs. Richard P. Luker, and commissioned 12 July 1943, Comdr. Ward C. Gilbert in command. Her designation was changed to CVE-33 on 15 July 1943.

Glacier was one of a large group of escort carriers transferred to Great Britain under lend-lease. She was transferred 31 July 1943 at Vancouver, B.C. and served during World War II as Atheling. Atheling put in to Norfolk, Va., 6 December 1946 for return to the United States. Her name was stricken from the Navy List 7 February 1947 and she was sold to National Bulk Carriers, Inc., 26 November 1947

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