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Ahdeek (S.P. 2589)


The Navy retained the name carried by this small craft at the time of her acquisition.

(S.P. 2589: 1ength 38'0” (overall); beam 8'3"; draft 2'9" (aft); speed 17.3 knots (maximum), 17.0 knots (cruising); complement 3 )

Ahdeek, a single-screw wooden-hulled cruiser-type motor boat built in 1916 for H. V. Schieren, at Morris Heights, N.Y., by the Charles L. Seabury & Gas Engine & Power Co., was inspected in the Third Naval District on 7 April 1918 for possible use as an “aeronautic patrol” boat. Ordered taken over on 12 June 1918 and assigned the identification number S.P. 2589, Ahdeek was delivered on 2 September 1918.

On 23 June 1919 a dispatch directed the Commandant Third Naval District, to ship Ahdeek and a similar craft, the wooden-hulled cruiser-type motor boat S.P. 747 (ex-Estelle), to the Culver Naval School, Culver, Indiana. After that service, Ahdeek was ultimately stricken from the Navy Register on 25 October 1933.

Robert J. Cressman

Updated, 24 August 2022

Published: Wed Aug 24 10:53:25 EDT 2022