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(Lighthouse tender: dp. 575; l. 161.0'; b. 27.0'; dph. 12'0"; dr. 6'9" (mean); cpl. 27)


An Indian chief of the Tionontati subtribe of the Huron division of Iroquois. Adario was also known by the names of Kondiaronk, Sastaretsi and The Rat. He allied himself and his warriors to the French and aided them in battle against other tribes. He bravely led the Huron in numerous engagements. Adario was at Montreal in August 1701 to negotiate a treaty when he was taken sick and died. The French gave him a royal funeral and erected a tombstone over his grave reading "Cy Git Le Rat, Chef Huron" or "Here lies the Rat, Chief of the Huron."

Zizania, a lighthouse tender built at Baltimore in 1888 for the United States Lighthouse Service, was transferred to the War Department by an executive order dated 24 April 1917. Subsequently reassigned to the Navy, Zizania served during World War I as a tender to section patrol craft operating in the 1st Naval District. When control over the Lighthouse Service on 1 July 1919 reverted to the Department of Commerce, Zizania's name was struck from the Navy list. Based at Portland, Maine, she resumed duty tending lighthouses along the New England coast and remained so employed until 1925 when her name was dropped from the list of Lighthouse Service vessels.

Little is known concerning Zizania's fate from 1925 to 1938. By the latter year, she was owned by Mr. John F. Burke and operated out of Boston, Mass. The Navy reacquired her through the Maritime Commission on 9 August 1943 at which time she was placed in service at Norfolk, Va. On 26 August, she was renamed Adario and designated YNT-25. She spent the remainder of World War II operating at Norfolk under the control of the Commandant, 5th Naval District. During her term of service, Adario probably performed more tug duties than net tender chores for, on 4 August 1945, she was redesignated a medium tug, YTM-743. She was placed out of service on 17 April 1946, and her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 May 1946. She was transferred to the Maritime Commission's War Shipping Administration on 21 January 1947 for final disposition.

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