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A-1 II (Houseboat)


The  Navy retained the name carried by this vessel at the time of her acquisition.


(Houseboat: displacement 6.16; length 31'2"; complement 6)

Early in the Great War [World War I], the houseboat A-1, built in 1911 by Sillit Buchanan, was inspected for possible naval service. Her takeover by the Navy from F. E. Wright of San Pedro, Calif., was ordered on 6 October 1917. The vessel was placed in service on 30 December 1917, and she operated in waters of southern California through the end of hostilities. Her logs end on 9 December 1918. 

James L. Mooney

Updated, 21 June 2022

Published: Tue Jun 21 09:53:10 EDT 2022