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Naval Aviation in World War I

Table of Contents


NOTE: Each Chapter been formatted in pdf for easier viewing.

  • Cover; Forward; & Table of Contents (pages 1-5)
  • In the Beginning; & First Naval Aviation Unit in France (pages 6-15)
  • Aviation Ground Schools at MIT; & The First Yale Unit (pages 16-25)
  • Training by the Royal Flying Corps; & The Navy Builds an Aircraft Factory (pages 26-37)
  • The First Lighter-than-Air Class at Akron (pages 38-45)
  • WW I Diary Recounts Air/Sea Saga; & Naval Aircraft of World War I (pages 46-50)
  • Naval Aircraft of World War I (continued); & The Second Yale Unit (pages 51-59)
  • At the Turn of the Year, January 1918; & U. S. Markings (pages 60-65) 
  • Rare Birds (pages 66-69)
  • Developing the Flying Bomb; The Origin of Navy Wings; The War against the U-Boat; & A Medal of Honor Exploit (pages 70-81)
  • The Navy's First Ace; The Northern Bombing Group; & At the End (pages 82-end)


NOTE: The monograph "Naval Aviation in World War I" has been out of print for many years and paper copies are no longer available through NHHC or the Government Printing Office. This electronic version has been placed online because it is an excellent reference source for information about Naval Aviation's involvement in World War I. As an electronic document, there is a compromise between picture quality and the capability of the OCR software to correctly identify the text in the monograph, which results in the picture quality being less than optimum. Copies of most of the original pictures, however, are available through the Navy Photograph Collection at the National Archives and the NHHC Photographic Section.