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Bureau of Aeronautics Newsletters: 1917-1942

  • The Bureau of Aeronautics Newsletters and CNO Aviation Weekly Report/Newsletter are the forerunners to the Naval Aviation News magazine. These reports/newsletters begin in 1917 and run through 1942. The Bureau of Aeronautics Newsletter was renamed Naval Aviation News in 1943. The reports/newsletters for 1917 through 1942 have been scanned in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and placed on CD-ROM. The documents have not been posted on the web site because of the difficulty in OCRing the old paper records and old typewriter fonts.
  • The CD-ROM newsletters may be ordered from the Archives Branch. The collection consists of six CD-ROMs and the cost for each CD-ROM is $10.00. Checks or money orders must be made payable to the "Department of the Navy." Please send your check with an order form, which is available for download here.
  • The six CDs are as follows:

AVH CD-0429 Bureau of Aeronautics (CNO Weekly) Newsletters 1917-1922

AVH CD-0430 Bureau of Aeronautics Newsletters 1923-1932

AVH CD-0431 Bureau of Aeronautics Newsletters 1933-1936

AVH CD-0432 Bureau of Aeronautics Newsletters 1937-1938

AVH CD-0433 Bureau of Aeronautics Newsletters 1939-1940

AVH CD-0434 Bureau of Aeronautics Newsletters 1941-1942


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Published: Mon May 22 09:16:36 EDT 2017