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Naval History and Heritage Command

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Research Guides and Finding Aids

A selection of electronic finding aids are posted here to help researchers better understand the composition of a particular collection. Keep in mind that not every collection is represented here. In addition, the Navy Department Library also has a number of research guides for their special collections.


Contact the Navy Archives via phone at (202) 433-3224 or email us at to request more information on our collections.


Note about classified records:


While the electronic finding aids are unclassified, records within a collection may still be classified. In accordance with Executive Order 13526 and an amendment to the 1999 and 2000 Defense Authorization Act, commonly known as the Kyl-Lott Amendment, classified records will require the completion of a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) and Kyl-Lott Review by the Department of Navy Assistant for Administration, Directives and Records Management Division (DON/AA DRMD) before they are made available to researchers.


If there is a particular record in a collection that a researcher is interested in reviewing but is still classified, then a Mandatory Declassification Review request should be submitted for the record/collection. Requests must include the name(s) of the document(s), date(s), collection name, and box/folder number. For assistance on submitting a request to DON/AA DRMD, please contact us by phone or email.